Tshepo Segole, is a young man who grew up in Ekangala, he used to be a soccer player, he played for several teams such black swallows, junk killers just to name a few. He is known as Titus to friends and other Athletes. Tshepo started his primary education at Zivuseni PS then proceeded to Lingitjhudu ST where he completed his matric. After his matric, he tried to apply at various institutions but he was not accepted and then he decided to take a gap year. The following year he tried again then he got a chance to study at Career Junction tvet

‘‘Talking of my journey it hasn’t been easy but through dedication, patience and knowing what I want. I AM where I am today and am still striving for a better future in athletics.’’ Said Tshepo. When he stopped playing football Tshepo had this in his mind “I won’t sit and relax because I might end up doing wrong things, so I told myself I should try something else that’s when I joined athletics”. “Every sport has a room of opportunities the thing is we have to be patient, know where you going and make sure that you use every chance you get as an opportunity then doors will open for you.” Shares Tshepo


He joined athletics in 2012 and he recently achieved a lot in 2014 August, where he got 2nd position in Mpumalanga (Kwa-guqa) and that inspired him a lot. From there he trained hard and through his training he managed to get recognition and provincial colors where he represented Gauteng Athletics North for the first time and managed to meet his role model Stephen Mokoka and other people who inspired him. Tshepo also got an opportunity to be trained by one of the best coach in SA. Michael “sponge” Seema who is now his current coach. He took over from Nelson Sambo, Wiseman Makunyane and Michael Mnguni  “They say charity begins at home, I’d like to see myself traveling around the world, representing my Kasi but not only my kasi as also represent the nation as a whole’’ Tshepo shares his future plans and where he wants to see himself in three years’ time.