The award-winning Nkangala District Municipality (NDM) celebrated another Clean Audit outcome for the third consecutive time. The NDM held a special event to celebrate the prestigious award, a Clean Audit in the 2016/2017 financial year. The event was hosted at the district’s headquarters in Middelburg. In attendance were executive mayors, councillors and managers of the six constituent local municipalities, NDM social partners and stakeholders as well as public representatives.

NDM Executive Mayor Cllr Linah Masellane Malatjie said during her address, “It is now three financial years in a row that as a formidable team of Nkangala, we pride ourselves for being passionate and committed to ensure good governance and service delivery in the local government space.”

“I wish to take this opportunity and congratulate the staff, management, all committees as well as Council as a whole for maintaining this milestone of clean audits in the District Municipality. In addition I also wish to commend the Municipal Manager Ms. Margaret Skosana with her top management, colleagues and the little managers for the efficient and effective management of the municipality. In fact it is through these ‘foot soldiers’ the ‘little managers’ who are instrumental in making our internal controls systems, work effectively,” said Mayor Malatjie. The modest Mayor had also apportioned a sizable amount of credit to all workers at the District Municipality saying it was through their efforts, commitment, diligence, work ethics and passion that NDM is indeed “destined for excellence”.

She added, “The Human Resources in any organisation or business constitute the most important component, without which nothing can be achieved.”

“It takes a remarked effort to maintain clean audit outcomes and remain consistent in our quest to achieve excellence. This time around, we have done exceptionally well in that we attained the clean audit outcomes during the pilot implementation of MSCOA. This makes this achievement very special.”

The Nkangala District head honcho exclaimed the only challenge facing them is to ensure that the six (6) constituent local municipalities achieve clean audit outcomes as well.

However she said she was encouraged by the positive outcomes registered by some of the local municipalities which she said were on track with the achievement of good audit outcomes. “I am really proud of them. All they need to do is to maintain the clean audit outcomes like Emalahleni Local Municipality which has moved from Disclaimer to qualified audit outcomes,” the Mayor said.


In the recent past, for two successive years the Nkangala District Municipality has enjoyed a feat of Clean Audits for the 2014/2015 and 2015/2016 financial years. It also went on to bag numerous prestigious awards such as SALGA Awards for best performing Municipality, CIGFARO (Chartered Institute of Government Finance, Audit and Risk Officers) Award for sound financial management as well as the ZK Mathews Award from the ruling party, the African National Congress (ANC) for best performing group of ANC councillors in the country.


“All accolades bestowed to NDM attest to the fact that Nkangala District Municipality is indeed second to none and we are surely ‘destined for excellence’. It takes a winning team and visionary leadership to accomplish what NDM has already achieved,” the Mayor said.


NDM Council Speaker Cllr Lucky Ndinisa told the paper “this work doesn’t come easy and/or by chance. It is because of the hard work by both the Councillors and the Administration”.


“The reason why there is continuous and consistent achievement of the clean audit is because on time to time we do our oversight role and where we feel like we are not satisfied with the reports given to us as Council, we refer such matters to a committee called MPAC which will scrutinise each and every activity that the Council, Executive and the Administration has participated into whether it was in terms of the law and if not, what are the consequences in what we call consequence management that should be applied by either the Executive Mayor or the Municipal Manager,” Ndinisa said.


He concluded, “This is work of the team but, of course, at the helm of it is both the Executive Mayor and the Municipal Manager. We want to take this opportunity and say to our people that we will continue as Councillors of Nkangala District Municipality to make sure that their funds are managed in a manner effective and efficient.”


Caption: Left to right: Executive Mayor of Dr JS Moroka Local Municipality Cllr Thulare Madileng, NDM Council Chief Whip Cllr Kabelo Boshomane, Executive Mayor of Thembisile Hani Local Municipality Cllr Nomsa Mtsweni, Executive Mayor of Emakhazeni Local Municipality Cllr Thomas Ngwenya, Executive Mayor of Nkangala District Municipality Cllr Linah Masellane Malatjie and Council Speaker Cllr Lucky Ndinisa.