Over the years as South Africans we have been warned of saving water and the department of water and sanitation also put a hand and shared tips on how to save water through TV,Radio and social media platforms.

Just to name a few tips-Using a shower instead of a full bath, not leaving a tap open if you are not using it,etc. These few tips were shared so that during the times of water scarcity we don’t lack water in the dams and rivers used for the supply of water.

We all know that nature plays a big part in ensuring that we have enough water. But obviously when nature has been affected by our actions by polluting the atmosphere and damaging the land.

We have businesses that cause a lot of air pollution, water pollution and land pollution. Zakes Milton says “It can’t be that water is a scarce resource, most water is polluted and that polluted water could have been clean water. We would not be facing a tragedy of water scarcity”.

Water has become a scarce resource during this past few years. Causing all creatures to be vulnerable. All the water that is in the world 70% percent is the water that is in the oceans and seas which is not for consumption.

Then the remaining 30% is for land where there are rivers and lakes which contain not that much of a large sum of water. The entire human race and all other creatures-animals both small and great depend on rain. Rain is the most needed because without it there is no water at all.

Most people have been trying to solve the mystery  that causes lack of rain. Some believe that what causes rain not to come is because of sinning, whilst some believe it is because of climate change. There are four natural elements that humans  and all other creatures need to be alive.

Those four elements are : Sun(light),wind(air),water(rain),earth(soil).What if one of the elements gets missing? would all living things survive? imagine life without light or rain or wind or soil for planting crops. A sad reality is one of these natural resources is becoming a scarcity and that is water!

Since we have so many businesses that contribute to climate change by polluting the land and atmosphere in ways such as:

(1)Air pollution-Burning-Causing smoke

(2)Land pollution-littering

(3)Water pollution-harmful substances.

In South Africa one of the provinces that has been affected by climate change hugely is the Western Cape Province.

Marlin Williams(resident)says: “I do believe that we have done something wrong and have affected the atmosphere we live in and it has caused that rain becomes a scarcity.

We should start saving water and taking care of our environment so that we can have a good atmosphere that can be able to produce rain”.