Prosper was an epitome of success, a fashionasta, a friend, a father, and a rowdy businessman who mentored many people that have businesses today. He had his own share of bad luck and dramas but strong as he was he silently allowed death to take him away from us on the 1st day of February 2015.
Drama unfolded as Prospers funeral took place on Sunday the 8th of February at a church service that was held at Bronkhorspruit Sports Centre. Speakers all levelled the way Prosper was, he is said to have been a down to earth person who was so full of love and respect. Yes he had his own fair share of being ruthless sometimes but that was always covered by his smile. Leeroy his first son praised him as a hero who was also strict to him and his younger brother Farai.

The feuding widows sat side by side only divided by the two boys. There was a clear indication that the two cannot stand each other, that some of the speakers had to yield a truce sign and advise them not to be on each other’s throat a situation that led to other speakers intervening and telling the two Tinas to behave because what they were doing was ungodly. Musician Lundi performed at the funeral.
The funeral went on to the Bronkhorspruit Cemetery where he was laid to rest. People used to love to hate him. Prosper was remembered with song and dance. He is survived by his first wife Tina Jaxa , their two boys `and second wife Tina Dlangwana .

Mweya wake ngawu zorore muru nyararo. Ticha gara tichi murangarira