By Angela Motsepe

The 7th of September was Arbor Day, the day where the value of trees is celebrated, giving birth to new trees and taking care of the already existing ones and also educating about the significance of trees.

Trees have different uses, they can be utilised for different purposes. Firstly the overrated one that trees serve as shades especially in hot weather temperatures. Trees are also used to produce paper, books as well as furniture. So if you do not take care of the nature that feeds you what do you expect?

Trees are an important part of every community, living trees are a necessity and valuable. They furnish us with life’s essentials such as food, medicine and oxygen.

They create a peaceful environment, apart from that they are valuable to our ecosystem during the process of photosynthesis trees take in carbon dioxide produced by us and they produce oxygen for us. If we neglect them we are putting our health in serious jeopardy and we will have only ourselves to blame.  Celebrate-Arbor-Day