By Angela Motsepe

She defines herself as a humble being, ambitious and modest, who prefers simplicity. She is bubbly and a ball of fun. She is your very own Emalahleni’s female sport presenter. Her real name is Chrissy Shabangu who is affectionately known as ‘Simply Chrissy’ to her listeners.

She hosts a weekend afternoon drive show known as SportLife which runs from 14h00-18h00. She has been recently blessed with an extra hour on her show which use to run for three hours and now runs a maximum of four hours with no co-host.

She recalls how of a mess she was when she first started and had zero experience after she had just followed advice given to her by an acquaintance George Tshehla who encouraged her to go for auditions.

He believed in her before she could even believe in herself. It was on the 16th of June 2012 when she took that leap of faith

There is a popular adage that says a journey of a thousand mile begins with a single step, whether it is you who decides to take that first step or whether you are prompted to take that step.

The important thing is that she ended up taking the first step to an incredible journey. Her journey commenced since that day.

She has since been nominated at the Mpumalanga Sunshine Awards for Best Community Female Sport Presenter and she needs your support to bring the award home.

“To be honest I never thought I had radio in me. I auditioned and luckily the judges loved me,” she explains.

She says she only realized a year later that she actually loved radio and perhaps she needed a push.

“Whenever I go on air I still get butterflies. To me it doesn’t even feel like a job, it’s a passion,” says the young vibrant lady.

Asked what she thinks of the current radio industry in South Africa she explains that it has grown rapidly, and freedom of speech is greatly exercised. “I like the fact that one can be oneself on radio,” describing herself as a sarcastic person and delighted the radio industry allows one to be just that.

Her favourite radio personalities are Mbuzana from IkwekweziFM because of his grasp for sarcasm and Robert Marawa who is a sport presenter. She likes how Marawa delivers his content and adds that he is straight to the point and quite an eye candy.

She says she draws inspiration from humble people; people who have every reason to boast and brag but choose to remain humble. She is inspired by the likes of Carol Tshabalala whom she says started from the bottom and travelled overseas to profile high games yet she still remains grateful and humble.

She is motivated by both her parents who believe in her more than she believes in herself and she draws strength from the Bible and explains that her favourite scripture is ‘I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me’.

She acknowledges her listeners and says they play a vital part in her career. “My listeners make me who I am and they make my show.”

Simply Chrissy also owes her success to her producer and her music compiler and adds that they always strive to get good content and good music for their listeners.

She highlights that she learnt that in this industry criticism should build you than break you. “In radio no matter how good you are someone out there may not appreciate you and no matter how bad you are someone out there appreciates you” she adds that her producers have criticized her and watched her grow and jokes that she is always hungry for criticism as it creates more room for improvement.

You can catch Simply Chrissy on the above mentioned time slot on EmalahleniFm 98.7. To help Chrissy win the award and bring it back to Emalahleni’s soil. Vote for her!Sms the word ComFemale Chrissy Shabangu to 44936    IMG-20150913-WA0008