Heritage Day mean different things to individual people – for some a braai with family and friends, for others a chance to respect their traditions.


Yes, it is September which has been declared Heritage Month and also the time when South Africans celebrate Heritage Day on September 24, yet it is surprising the number of people who really know its significance.


Heritage Day is an opportunity for all of us to remember who we are, where we come from and where we are going as a nation. It’s an opportunity to remind ourselves about our culture, our heroes and heroines who made this wonderful country what it is today.


It’s an opportunity to introspect and do self-criticism as a nation as to whether the ideals that some of our leaders sacrificed their lives for are being achieved or at the very least being pursued.


It is an opportunity to reflect on whether a country with so much abundance of talent and natural resources is in fact able to take care of its own children and grow a new nation – a nation that we will be proud of one day.


We must work towards the full integration of our society where every human being is able to fulfil his or her full potential. We are a rainbow nation united by its diversity. We need to build on that spirit and celebrate each other’s heritage as a country.


Celebrating our heritage should not just be a one month event but we must do it all year round in order for us to chart the way forward as a nation.Chief Editor Mr Phalane Motale