By Angela Motsepe

The Triple H Woman empowerment event which was organised by Abigail Masango was held last month at Paxton Hall (Witbank Correctional Services).

Asked what inspired the theme she explains that Triple H (Hat, Heels and Handbags) theme was based on the fact that a woman needs a hat that serves as a shade and enables to look far further. Heels prompt a woman to stand and walk tall and feel light in her body. A handbag allows a woman to be neat and organised as it carries all her necessities

There were several speakers on the event guests list who shared messages of wisdom with the aim of molding the character of women who were from Emalahleni and surrounding areas.

The ladies were encouraged to live a healthy lifestyle, to watch what they eat and their weight. Apart from that they addressed the importance of dressing appropriately in accordance with their body types and knowing their bra size.

Self-worth was amongst the topics at hand. The focus was molding character where responsibility, respect and fairness were discussed at a larger scale.Some of the ladies who attended the Triple H woman empowernment