By Angela Motsepe

Seventy-year-old Sinah Peterson is originally from Cape Town in the WesternProvince but has now ultimately found a safe haven here in Witbank.

She is without an identity document and has found difficulties in attaining the attention of the department of home affairs in assisting her with getting one. She made a formal application for an ID with the department of home affairs in Middleburg, but she failed to collect the document when it was ready. It was subsequently returned by the department to their head office in Pretoria.

Being without an ID has exposed the 70-year-old to numerous constrains and a lot of inconveniences. She allegedly has never been able to vote her entire life, apart from that she does not qualify to apply for a social grant with SASSA because of her situation.

She feels ripped off to what she is entitled to as it has already been 10 years of injustice. She feels that just like any other elderly person she also deserves to receive the social grant to assist her.

Peterson survives from the little money she makes from cleaning other people’s homes, bearing in mind that she is too old to be performing hard duties that may strain her. She also wishes to apply for accommodation with Mthimkhulu Home for the Elderly because her living conditions are unfavourable but because she doesn’t own an identity book she remains faced with many unresolved challenges.

People like Doctor Mthimunye and Pinky Mokoena have devoted their time and effort in assisting Peterson with food and groceries as well as other necessities.

“We currently receive donations to assist Peterson from DrMoloto and DrMalope from ePh hospital that enables us to buy grocery for her.

“The ward committee from Pine Ridge via Mam Molefe has also tried its best to assist but nothing has been done yet,” Mthimunye said.

Anyone who can assist may contact Mam Molefe at 076 096 4214 or Doctor Mthimunyeat 079 813 5814.Gogo Sinah Peterson